1. Make Your Accessories Art 

An authentic painting is classy, but it might not show your individuality. Make a wall of hats and necklaces with thumbtacks. You will always know exactly where your favorite hat is in your apartment, and you will not have to untangle your favorite necklace. 

2. Print Your Vacation Photos 

Your cool adventures can be wall art for your apartment. When you need an emotional boost, your vacation memories will be everywhere. Your friends will give you compliments, and they will want to know about your adventures. 

3. Decorate Your Walls With Clocks  

Ditch your digital wall clock. Analog clocks are the perfect vintage decor items. You will not have to look for your phone when you need to know the current time. If you want to be extra fancy, buy a sundial clock to impress your guests during dinner parties. 

4. Upgrade Your Storage Space 

You do not have to keep your textbooks in flimsy storage boxes. Look for wooden boxes and decorate them with your favorite paint. The boxes will not break, and the books will stay in great condition. 

5. Purchase Quality Necessities 

An expensive couch can upgrade your living room. The couch can stay in great condition for several years, and it can be transformed with slipcovers. 

6. Use Your Space Wisely 

A small apartment can look crowded if the space is not used properly. Your studio apartment can have a few separate rooms. Use a divider to make a spacious living room, kitchen and bedroom. 

7. Organize Your Books 

You buy used textbooks  to save money, but they do not have to look shabby on your bookshelf. 

An organized bookshelf can make your home look neat and welcoming. Separate your textbooks by color. You can also make a list of the location on the shelf. When you are in a hurry, you can quickly find the books you need for a research assignment or class. 

8. Get a Unique Coffee Table 

A small apartment might not have space for a large table and chairs, but you can fit a coffee table in a small living area. Your coffee table will be more than a decor item. It will be a storage space for your books and a table for your meals. 

9. Mismatch Your Furniture 

Matching chairs can be expensive. If your home has a dining room table, purchase chairs from thrift stores or inexpensive online retailers. This fashion craze can make your home more eclectic. 

10. Make a DIY Charging Station 

Nearly 33 percent of adults have a roommate. Roommates in a small apartment are not always a good combination. A little creativity can resolve some of the issues. When you make a charging station, you will not have to fight over the outlet near the couch. 

11. Make a Bookshelf for Your Photos 

Your home can have more than one bookshelf. A DIY bookshelf can help you display your favorite pictures without picture frames. 

12. Decorate With Plants and Flowers 

If you are sensitive to chemicals, you probably avoid scented air fresheners. Plants can freshen the air in your home and flowers are elegant decor items. Replace your fresh flowers once a week. 

13. Use Rugs in Every Room 

Rugs are perfect for large and small rooms. They can match any theme, and they can be purchased at thrift stores. If you want to keep your rugs for several years, choose animal hide rugs. The natural fibers can be cleaned with a gentle shampoo. Synthetic rugs will shrink in the dryer. 


Home decor is a billion dollar industry. Fortunately, you can decorate your home and still have enough money to buy used textbooks. The right mix of classy and fashionable will make your home perfect for entertaining guests and relaxing.