The England manager was quoted as saying: “I completely disagree with the FA about the John Terry decision and I have told that to the chairman.”

He apparently added: “I considered and still consider Terry the England captain. I think we first should wait for the trial conclusion.”

The FA has taken the captaincy from Terry pending the result of his standing trial for allegedly hurling racist abuse at QPR’s Anton Ferdinand during a game.

Terry will stand trial in July. He has pleaded not guilty.

Capello’s comments could land him in hot water with the FA. If the manager has proclaimed Terry is still captain, then presumably the players will have to consider Terry the true captain too – regardless of who is bestowed with the title – which undermines the FA’s ruling.

Ex-footie player Stan Collymore tweeted a furious response to Capello’s actions last night, posting: “Strip Captain of armband for alleged affair. Keep Captain in Police/FA/Court race storm. Capello out.”

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