The winner of the £162million EuroMillions jackpot claimed yesterday claimed their prize. Bet you wished you'd bought a ticket now.

Britian's luckiest person is now deciding whether to go public or stay anonymous.

EuroMillionsLottery organiser Camelot staff visited the mystery punter before transferring the fortune into their bank account.

The EuroMillions winner waited 36 hours before claiming the cash, missing out on almost £20,000 in interest.

The £161,653,000 jackpot is the biggest in UK gambling history and grew after a series of rollovers.

Lottery chiefs will not even reveal whether an individual or a syndicate scooped the EuroMillions prize – or where the ticket was bought.

A Camelot spokesman added: “The ticket holder is currently deciding whether to go public or remain anonymous.

Whoever it was is now part of the Britain’s wealthiest set, taking 430th place on the Sunday Times Rich List.

If they bank the entire amount, they will earn £5million a year interest, or £10 every minute.

The world’s biggest single ticket win of £228.6million, in US game Powerball, was paid out in 2006.

A syndicate of eight colleagues from a Nebraska meat processing plant who bought the winning ticket shared the jackpot. The UK’s previous record winner collected £113,019,926 in the EuroMillions last year and stayed anonymous.