Fire crews rushed to the rescue of a 20-stone woman who got stuck on a Butlins water slide yesterday.

The unnamed woman, in her 40s, was riding in a rubber dinghy with another woman when it got stuck halfway down one of the flumes leading into a swimming pool.

Fire engines and ambulances were dispatched to Butlins at Minehead to help free the woman who suffered suspected spinal injuries.

In a two hour rescue operation the slide was drained of water while fire crews and paramedics used a stretcher to reach the injured woman and haul her down.

The woman was taken to a local hospital.

Butlins blamed a pump fault for restricting the water flow on the slide, which has a weight restriction of 20-stone per dinghy.

A spokesman estimated the woman weighed around 16 stone but one onlooker claimed this estimate was “generous”.