But hey, not everything has to go the way of the Tamagotchi or fidget spinner, some trends can carry on into the following year and well beyond that. Trying to predict what trends will be popular is a bit like counting stars (almost impossible!), but as we’re fearless journalists, we’re going to do our best to try!

Here are our picks for fashion trends you’re bound to keep seeing in 2018.

Rose-tinted sunglasses

Looking at something through rose-tinted glasses is not just a saying anymore, but a fashion trend that we’re totally on-board with. Helped largely by the likes of Bella Hadid and Rihanna wearing them early on in the year, rose-tinted glasses quickly went from the runway to consumers flaunting them on high streets and festival grounds. Plain black lenses have been associated with sunglasses for decades, but when a small but significant change like rose-tinted lenses comes along, people absolutely love it. We’ve spotted some nice Michael Kors sunglasses in the UK through this seller, particularly the aviator and circle-framed options. So be sure to snap them up before everyone else.


You mean, I can look cool and make it seem that I just got out of the gym? That’s the basic premise of athleisure, but it’s one we’re totally happy with. It’s hard not to love athleisure, as yoga pants, hooded sweatshirts and trainers are things people definitely don’t mind wearing every day, and if the fashion houses are mirroring that? Even better. There are some who think athleisure is more than just a trend, and whilst we can’t be certain that it will carry on long into the future, we more than hope it will.


Smartwatches might have had an uphill battle to be taken seriously by people as more than a fad, but that time has definitely come. With the Apple Watch 3, smartwatches are catching up to analogue watches in a big way. The Apple Watch looks incredibly cool and has some great features like GPS, Siri, heart rate monitor, and music streaming. Other watch companies like Tag Heuer did release a smartwatch too, but that’s unfortunately not the cheapest or coolest. Not that Apple Watches are found in the bargain bin by any means, but you certainly get more bang for your buck and an awesome fashionable accessory at the same time.