There’s much more to life than working 9 to 5 before eventually crumbling under a pile of debt.

Indeed, that sassy country songstress Dolly Parton had the right idea when she hauled the traditional working day over the coals in her 1980 hit, which has since become the soundtrack to the life of millions caught in the daily rat race.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rather than slaving away for pittance under the rule of a slave-driving boss who’s more intent on counting his cash and smoking cigars than worrying about your happiness, you can take matters into your own hands and work a more unconventional week. While a new study from the University Of Wisconsin School Of Medicine has found working atypical hours puts you at greater risk for developing health problems, we all know you’re the kind of person who laughs in the face of danger.

As a result, we’ve compiled three of the quirkiest careers you’ve probably never considered, but all with the guarantee that no two days will be the same and maniacal bosses hell-bent on making your life a misery are a thing of the past …

Specialist Cleaner

It may sound interminably dull, but life as a specialist cleaner is anything but, as you’ll typically be working your way through an urban landscape, dealing with the aftermath of industrial spills, getting to grips with high level cleaning and banishing graffiti from the high street. In actual fact, specialist cleaning is something of an art form, as trying to remove the work of a have-a-go Banksy armed with nothing but elbow grease and a wet rag is likely to have most of us tearing our hair out before ringing the experts with a tear in the eye and a rueful grin.

Pickup Artist Instructor

Head to any bar in any corner of the globe and you’re likely to find a drunken gentleman attempting to acquire the number of a rather startled looking lady – and nine times out of 10, his cack-handed approach will crash and burn.

However, if he’d enlisted the help of a pickup artist instructor, he’d have no problem confidently speaking to members of the opposite sex. Unbelievably, some men are willing to pay thousands of pounds to learn the secrets of pickup artistry, which can make this a very alluring career move.

Feng Shui Consultant

You may think that Feng Shui is something you’d order from a Chinese takeaway, but it’s actually an ancient art and science based on Taoist principles, and involves focusing on energy flows, otherwise known as “Chi”, to promote health, wellness and good fortune.

This is achieved by organising a home, office or garden and choosing appropriate colours, lighting and furniture positions to help the inhabitant live a more prosperous life. More importantly from your point of view, Feng Shui consultants don’t actually need any formal qualifications.

What do you think?

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