1. Produce More Vapor

Producing more vapor is a challenge that many vapers are looking to conquer. This practice, often referred to as cloud-chasing, is a common desire among both new and experienced vapers. Whether you’re looking to do unique tricks with the vapor, or you just want to put out more, changing your vape tank can help make this happen. When you’re adding a tank for cloud-chasing, the best option is a sub-ohm tank that has a wider airflow control. Sub-ohm tanks can also come with more complex builds of coils, which produce more vapor. 

 Sub-ohm vaping requires the use of low-resistance coils measuring in at less than one ohm. The wattage of your unit impacts whether you can safely participate in sub-ohm vaping. In order to do so, you need a vape mod that can put out at least 40 watts. Other benefits of altering your vape to produce larger clouds include more intense flavors and increased airflow.

2. Alter the Temperature

Most vapes available today include temperature controls, allowing you to set the temperature at which you want to vape. The temperature you select can impact how much vapor is produced, the flavor of every hit, and how deeply you can take a hit from the mouthpiece. Although most are temperature-controlled devices, the controls vary between brands and units. 

When you’re changing out the tank on a vape with temperature controls, it’s important to make sure the tank you choose is compatible with the temperature range of your device. Adding a tank that doesn’t suit your device could actually end up limiting its functionality and potentially creating a less enjoyable vaping experience. 

3. Improve the Flavor

When it comes to flavor, you can find vape juice options to suit any craving or desire. From desserts to tangy fruits, nut-inspired to breakfast favorites, you can easily find a type of vape juice that tastes great to you. However, the way you use your vape can impact the flavor. Factors like temperature settings or the speed at which the coils heat up can alter the taste, which may turn your favorite flavor into your least favorite. 

A burned-out, dry-tasting hit is never enjoyable, so avoid setting the temperature too high. The tank you add to your vape can also impact the taste, so choosing the best vape tank for your unit will help ensure a positive flavor experience every time.

If you’re ready to customize your vape with a tank that improves the experience, you can find an addition that will provide the benefits you want. Vaping has increased drastically in popularity over the past few years, making it easier to find accessories and components that work with your favorite vape.