Isn’t it always quite tempting to let go of yourself, lose all the tourist trails and just flow with the wind? Even though, this seems to be liberating and fun, shouldn’t we take care of certain things before we set off? Shouldn’t we hatch up a plan? Stop right there! I know what you are thinking. “What is the fun in planning? It’s supposed to be an adventure.” Well, even though we don’t draw up a customized plan we might have to consider a few things beforehand, or there is a high chance that we might just fall off our trails. Here are the six essentials you must take care of to ensure a comfortable adventure trip in India.

Choose an Agency Wisely

Like I said adventure trips are meant to let you off the hoop, but it can be quite dangerous as much as it can be fun. So, it’s wise to put yourself in the hands of an expert, rather than to go rogue. The agency you choose must meet the standards and please don’t go for cheap ones because you might get ripped off. Remember ‘Quality Pays’. Also before choosing the agency make sure you go through the customer reviews. Even, feel free to call a few people who had taken the trip before so that you will get a first-hand idea, on a more personal note.

Physical Fitness Is Key

Physical limits don’t really keep you from your dreams. Even when I am saying this, just to be on the safe side, you should choose an adventure trip suiting your physical as well as mental fitness. If you are on regular medications make sure that you consult your doctor before taking on the trip. Also, if you have any serious medical conditions you should inform about that to your agency so that they can ensure your safety.

Keep Your ‘Best Friend’ Close

Now this one, I have no doubt about it. Whether it’s trekking or rafting or mountaineering, your best friend is your backpack. All the necessary gear should be packed according to your choice of adventure. The right shoes, implements, dress, water bottles, and of course don’t forget the Advil, and lotions to protect you from Mother Nature’s bites. Your travel gear depends on where and what kind of trip you are undertaking. Also, be sure to tuck away a small first aid kit just to be safe. Your travel guide might already have it with him, so consult with him before you get set to pack. Remember you need only the absolutely necessary, so get rid of all the loose weight.

Don’t Forget Your ID’s

Now this is serious. You need your ID’s with you, at least one – your passport, Voter’s ID, Aadhar or License. Make sure you have it with you just in case you

should get into some kind of trouble. What is an adventure without trouble right? You might also need it to gain access to certain tourist destinations. To know more about famous destinations in India, check:

Take Care of The Change

I have all respect for the honourable PM’s ‘demonetisation move’, but travellers you need to have change with you or else standing in line at ATM’s might turn out to be your biggest adventure yet. This doesn’t mean that you need to carry around all the money you have set aside for the trip, just small change so that you don’t have to roam around asking for it, which quite unfortunately is hard to get in India these days. So, get change and keep it safely tucked away. For more information on adventures in India, check:

No Space for Narrow Thoughts

This is by far the most important essential that you must have before making any kind of adventure trips to any place in the world. You might have to change your plans, you might face bad weather or you might fall sick. One can’t be too careful, right? The trick is to take what comes your way and twist it so that something good comes out of it. Be prepared for the unexpected and be a sport about it.

So, I think you are all set to plunge forward. Take life by the handle and steer it to the adventurous bliss.

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Through his various travelling excursions and trips across India, Rohit shares his passion for travel and adventure through regular posts on with like-minded enthusiasts.