If you consider becoming one of London’s residents or visit for an extended period, here are some tips for making the best out of your stay:

Embrace the Commuting Hour

First things first, London is massive. Divided into six concentric areas, most of the city’s action is in Zones 1 and 2, and very few people are lucky enough to live nearby their office. Commuting can be stressful and cost a lot more than our time and nerves.  Most people have moved even further in zones, away from the crowd in the quest of peace or affordable mortgage. However, if you have a relatively straightforward commute from 40-50 minutes, a book, good music or a podcast episode to listen to, will make the experience more bearable.  

You’ll work hard, but have an afterwork beer at the pub

In comparison to the US culture and people having two or three jobs at the same time, things in Europe and London, in particular, are a bit different. While Americans seem to be involved in some kind of exhausting job hunt and extra income, Europeans are sent home at five and are called if they haven’t exercised or used their right to holiday recently. Here, you’ll work as hard as you want to, be happy to work late for a deadline but looking forward to that beer with your co-workers as soon as your job is done. You can feel the well-known “work hard, party hard” vibe in this town.

You’ll be OK with online dating

Speaking of social media and platforms such as Tinder, if you’re looking for a partner in London, online is the way to go. Many of them met and started dating via a site or an app. Before apps and social media, British people didn’t date as you may assume. People met and coupled through friends, but the excitement of meeting someone completely new, asking them out on dinner was considered as straight-forward American. With advancements in technology and the availability of online dating websites, the British got on board with the routine. Online communication and gaming platforms have become a cultural thing for Brits, considering they are amused to chat, shop online or check the new online slots from famous casino providers. Their lifestyle and views about life are an unusual shade of bohemian you’ll love. So, if you want to meet someone new, take your smartphone and start swiping through profiles cause many people are doing the same thing.

Travel as often as possible

Once the global health situation comes back to normal, you can start planning your frequent weekend trips. London has six airports, and it’s very easy to hop on a plane on Friday, travel to somewhere in Europe (on most places you’ll arrive in two hours or less) and return Sunday night. For example, you can visit France, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain, Norway and many more. Sign up for airlines’ newsletters to find out about the best airfare deals, starting from £20.

Talk about the weather

Brits seem to love talking about the weather, and that is no surprise. You’ll often hear that it’s too cold, too hot or too rainy. It’s a rarity to hear someone saying that the weather is delightful. Even though talking about the weather is like a national pastime in London, try not to complain about it too much; in the end, you’ll be the only one who’s got frustrated. You’ll often hear weather forecasters recommending you carry an extra brolly on super rainy days. Well, who knew we needed more than one brolly in London?

Living in a big city might not be suitable for everyone, but we’re sure you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy living in London, a magnificent city with a subtle charm.