The 12-year-old suspect, whose name has been withheld by police, allegedly approached a 10-year-old boy’s lemonade stand and threatened him with a ‘handgun’.

The Huffington Post quote local Johnstown Sergeant John Goggin, who said that the 10-year-old had $30 in a money box which he had made selling homemade lemonade out the front of his parents’ house.

The plucky 10-year-old, despite presumably being out-muscled and out-gunned refused to hand his hard earned pocket money over and, according to Goggin, the two boys got into a “wrestling match”.

In the brazen daylight raid, the older boy was able to snatch the $30 from the money box and absconded from the scene. The story doesn’t end there however.

The 10-year-old, according to le Huff anyway, appears to have rounded up a posse of three friends in the neighbourhood who chased the thief back to his house and alerted the police.

It’s a bit like a Spaghetti Western, except with children in all the lead roles instead of Clint Eastwood and a cigarillo.

It was only when the Law arrived at the older boy’s hideout (we’re going with the Western theme) that they discovered that he had been armed with the BB gun the whole time. This would lead one to believe that he never actually pulled the pellet gun on his younger victim.

The names of the characters in this melodrama have been withheld by the police, as the 12-year-old gun-slinger will face juvenile court. Who knows, they may even hang him… Seems unlikely.

Image: Thinkstock