Gemma Walker, 31, from Middlesborough in the UK was recorded by her neighbours making “loud whoops” and “yelling” during bouts of ‘love making’ which have landed her in front of a local court, according to the Daily Mirror.

Mr and Mrs Nicholls, 56, claim that they have taken all they could of Ms Walkers noises, which apparently aren’t limited to just the bedroom. According to the Mirror: ‘loud music, shouting, arguing and swearing’ were also recorded coming from Walker’s home which were ‘breaching a previous noise abatement notice’

Mr Nicholls, said “It has been a nightmare ever since she moved in – shouting, swearing, listening to her having sex. It hasn’t been fun.”

No, it doesn’t sound like it.

Not only have the Nicholl’s recordings been played to a local judge, but the local council’s ‘Sound Abatement’ team was also called in after recieving numerous complaints and they also made their own recordings of Ms Walker.

Middlesborough council’s Charlie Rooney said that this kind of behabviour was completely “unacceptable”.

Walker, who is on welfare (a serious bone of contention for the Mirror apparently) pleaded guilty at Teeside magistrates court on Wednesday.

Yet, she somehow also denied the charges laid against her, telling the Mirror: ““I wish my life was so exciting that I was having sex at all hours, but it’s not.”

“As far as I’m aware, there was only one instance of noisy sex. I’m a mother and wouldn’t let my children hear that sort of thing.”

“I’ve been singled out by the couple next door, no one else has complained. We have nowhere to go.”

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