While buses, trains and tubes can be a great way of getting around the city quickly, if you have a longer journey to make, it may not always be possible. And that’s when people sigh, and reach for their car keys.

While we can do little about the inner city traffic, we can help you to cut down your parking fees with this handy guide to free parking in London.

Finding a parking space in central London can be almost impossible during peak times, but you can eliminate this stress by driving to a Tube station on the outskirts of the city and commuting in.This map from Free Parking Space highlights all of the free parking spaces within Zone 3-5, and they allow you to park all day at any time without parting with a penny.

As these spaces are just a short walk away from nearby tube stations, you can easily continue your journey into the inner city without the stress.

However, as you can imagine, now we have unearthed these hidden gems, they’re sure to become extremely popular during peak times, so make sure that you set off early so you have enough time to find a space before continuing the rest of your journey.

Likewise, as most of the spaces are located in residential areas, always check that you aren’t obstructing anyone’s driveway to avoid having some angry neighbours on your hands!

Temporary events in London often have their own designated parking spaces that can be a cheaper option for motorists.

These parking spaces are usually manned by specialist parking enforcement companies like Gemini Parking Solutions, which claims to help you find a space easily, and rest assured that your vehicle is secure.

If you are travelling to some of London’s many attractions, it’s worth checking its websites before you go, reminding drivers that the attractions will have discounted or even free parking.

For example, take the Cineworld cinema at the O2 for example. If you are going to see the latest blockbuster, you will receive up to four hours free parking, providing you present your ticket stub and parking ticket upon your departure. Offers like this are worth taking advantage of, as 2 – 4 hours parking at the O2 usually costs £7.00.

Disclaimer: Please note, this advice is intended to point you in the right direction when it comes to parking – TNT is not responsible for any parking-related mishaps you might encounter.

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