Dubbed the worst kept secret is showbiz history,the announcement confirms widespread speculation that the latest spoof pirate caper will be shot next year, bringing a much needed boost to tourism when shooting during February on the Gold Coast later moves on to North Queensland during its quiet season for visitors.

Queensland Arts Minister Ian Walker said that 20,000 bed nights would be needed to accommodate the cast and crew alone when the unit moves up to North Queensland.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is reckoned to be the biggest movie ever to be filmed in Australia.

The federal government is reported to have offered the Disney organisation, which is making the film, a $21.6 million sweetener while the Queensland government cut payroll tax to beat competing countries and Australian states to the booty.

Walker said pre-production of the film, which is expected as usual to star Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, was already starting on the Gold Coast.

He remained tight lipped about the value of Queensland’s payroll tax concessions but said they were “worth it for the $100 million that will flow through to our economy, worth it for the benefit the young kids [studying film] will have by way of a future in a film industry that’s stable and has international productions like this coming here”.

The film is expected to cost $250 million to make.