Farana, a nine-month-old giraffe who hails from New South Wales’ Taronga Western Plains Zoo touched down in Auckland at 8am on Thursday morning.

During his epic journey to Christchurch’s Orana Wildlife Park, Farana will experience travel by both air, plane and sea – there’s a boat waiting to ferry the giraffe across the Cook Straight.

So far throughout his journey Farana hasn’t had to be sedated and has been described as “very easy going”.

A spokesperson from Orana Wildlife Park has claimed that it was easier to fly Farana from Australia to New Zealand as opposed to sailing him the whole way across, not to mention quicker and better for the animal.

“If we had to transfer him by boat, it would be a much longer journey,” Orana Wildlife Park spokesman Nathan Hawke told AAP.

“Any animal transport is really stressful so if we can eliminate that through getting them here quickly then that’s what we do.”

Orana says that Farana will replace Harold, the zoo’s only bull who died earlier this year. The zoo believe that Farana will be a good match for the females and will bring the herd’s number back up to five.

So far the Orana Wildlife Park has successfully bred 17 calves to date.

So, next time you’re on an international flight, sitting in row 60 z next to the toilets with no leg-room spare a thought for poor old Farana who spent four hours hunched over in a crate.

Image: Getty