And while the Tottenham-born diva doesn’t go quite so far as requesting her M&Ms be separated by colour, she does specifically state that “North American beer is NOT acceptable”.

She instead demands that she be provided with “12x selection of best quality European beer. ie Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni”.

The inclusion of ‘wife-beater’ on the list of best-quality beer might place Adele’s  tastes in a questionable light, as could the request for “2x best quality red wine (Italian, French, Spanish or Australian)”.

Not sure naming a colour and a country quite puts you at sommelier level, Adele.

A window into the singer’s personal tastes is further provided by the rider’s setting out the specifics of the fruit selection: “to include bananas, apples, grapes, fresh berries, NO CITRUS FRUIT!”

Adele’s aversion to citrus crops up again when she states that a “small plate of freshly made, individually wrapped sandwiches” should “NOT contain tomatoes, vinegar, chilli or citrus fruit”.

The fussy lass also lists Marlboro Lights and bite-size bars of Twix, Aero, Milky Way and Mars as must-haves.

And all mugs for tea should be “new, washed and dried”, according to the rider.

The list of demands was leaked by, which regularly releases public documents on crimes, celebrities, politicians and the FBI.