The 23 year old singer was also part of a wider trend that saw female singers batter their male counterparts in the young money charts which include stars under the age of 30.

The latest figures, released on Thursday ahead of the full publication at the end of the month, show London-born Adele has generated a bigger fortune than the likes of Cheryl Cole, Katie Melua and Leona Lewis.

Whilst most of us were busy trying to pay off our student loans, the 23 year old multi-grammy winner saw her fortune grow by £14million in a single year.

Also laughing at our debt-laden misfortunes is Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who remains Britain’s richest young actor.

With a fortune of £54 million, up from 48 million in 2011, the 22 year old hasn’t seen any difference in the league tables despite the Harry Potter film franchise coming to an end.

Behind Daniel Radcliffe is Twilight teenage heartthrob Robbert Pattinson, with the third richest young British movie star award going to Keira Knightley.

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