Imagine our surprise to learn of one that eclipses them all.

Now, we’re an imaginative bunch at TNT Towers, often thinking up amazing species versus species smackdowns featuring things like sharks, piranhas, octopi, lions, tigers and bears. But otters? Not once!

And an otter versus an alligator? Come on. How could a cute little squished-in faced furry river dwelling bundle of cuteness ever take on and successfully overcome a wily sharp-toothed sinister looking gator?

Well one in the US managed just that. No, it isn’t a joke. The jacked-up cuddly yet ultimate warrior swam in, took one look at the gator and lost it (perhaps offended by his scales or maybe the shifty look in his eye that says ‘yeah, I could take you’?)

The otter’s spectacular win and subsequent eating of said alligator was spotted and caught on camera by officials at Lake Woodruff National Park – all previous biases on animal bouts now out the window.

It hasn’t been the best of weeks for alligators or crocodiles for that matter, only a few days ago did it emerge that a crocodile had been eaten by a snake Down Under.

Poor fellas.

One question remains. Snake versus Otter. Who would win? There’s only one way to find out.


Image credit: YouTube