What are Thai Flower Slots?

This amusing slot, a creation of Scientific Games takes you to the mystical world of ancient ruins, tropical jungles, breath-taking royal palaces and old Buddhist temples. This exciting game features unique symbols which signify its association with Thai culture. Lotus flowers, long boats, golden pots and elephants are considered among the main slots which bag you huge prizes. A Thai lady and Traditional Thai Mansions are also among the top picks for gamers! 

What are the specifics of the game?

Thai Flower Slots at Kitty Bingo brings forth a quite unique experience. Know that if you get your hands on 5 Thai lady symbols, you’ve hit the jackpot with a 1000 coins! A beautiful spinning umbrella appears to signify your win. On the other hand, the lotus flower symbol leads to a free spins bonus feature. 

If this symbol appears on the slots 1, 3 and 5 then you get initial 12 free spins and an additional chance of winning higher prizes. All you have to do next is choose 3 symbols. These three symbols will be featured on the slots along with the wild slot to increase your chances of winning. Having only 3 symbols gives you a greater opportunity to win more and win big! Sounds exciting right? That’s the thrill Kitty Bingo promises to bring its fans and yet it exceeds expectations with picturesque visuals and themes. 

What’s so special about Thai Flower Slots?

The eye-catching beauty and charisma that this bingo game possesses is what makes it so different from the rest. Not to forget, the audio alongside the game adds greatly to the theme. A peaceful and serene tune plays while the slots roll and you get to hear a drum noise when the flower appears. 

The ‘ching’ of the cashier when you win the coins makes it all the more enjoyable. Apart from the basics, you can choose the stake/line game to be on the safe side. You get ten consecutive spins, one after another without having to select the option every time. How convenient, right? Also, if you’re up for a surprise, register at Kitty Bingo through your smartphone or desktop and see what the destiny has in store for you. Consider it an additional bonus!

Now that you’ve read about the wonders of this exceptional game, it’s time to give it a shot. Go ahead and try your luck with Thai Flower Slots at Kitty Bingo and have a delightful experience! The mystical land of tropical beaches and a thrilling adventure awaits you!