Jo Yeates murder suspect Vincent Tabak, her neighbour, is being questioned by detectives as it emerges that Yeates may have been sexually assaulted.

32-year-old Tabak, from Holland, was arrested early this morning at the home of a friend.

Meanwhile detectives have found traces of DNA on Jo Yeates’ breasts, midriff and jeans that may have come from the killer’s saliva suggesting that the 25-year-old may have been sexually assaulted.

It was previously known that DNA had been found on Yeates’ body, but the fact that traces were found under her clothes now supports the theory that the killer’s motive may have been sexual.

Not enough DNA is present to prove someone’s guilt, however.

Vincent Tabak’s Bristol flat is being searched by police who took away three wheelie bins and a mountain bike. The garden has been covered by a large tarpaulin and is being examined by a forensic team.

According to neighbours, Tabak had not been at his flat since Yeates’s murder, reports the Evening Standard. Others said they had seen him collecting belongings from the property this week.

Man arrested for Jo Yeates murder

Tabak is thought to have recently split with his girlfriend, Tanja Morson, who has apparently moved out of the flat they shared.

Morson is said to have gone into hiding after Tabak’s arrest.

Neighbours described the engineer as quiet and serious. A friend told the Evening Standard: “Vincent is an academic. All I know is that he has a girlfriend who he loves and a good circle of friends in Bristol and in Holland.”

Jo Yeates – who had been strangled – was found dumped and frozen by the road three miles from her home on Christmas Day.