An insensitive music memorabilia collector, or perhaps just a heartless thief, has stolen four the Camden Square signs covered in tributes to the recently deceased singer Amy Winehouse.

The move is sure to upset the legion of Winehouse fans, both old and new, many of whom are still hanging around the square – two weeks after the singer's untimely demise.

Camden Council confirmed one of the signs was stolen during Sunday night and another three were taken sometime on Monday night.

Afifth sign was saved from being stolen by a security guard on watch outside Winehouse's house on Monday.


signs were to be kept in the square for a few more weeks before being given to the singer's parents Mitch and

Janis Winehouse, who are separated, after the pair had a discussion

with the council over what to do with them.

The council is now looking to replace the signs but is considering measures to ensure the new signs don't

get written on as well.

Street cleaners removed an ocean of tributes on Tuesday and the signs were the only remaining

part of the shrine built around Winehouse's home.

Flowers still fresh were given to care homes in

Camden and bottles were recycled. All photographs and cards were

given to Amy’s family.

The council is currently in discussions to create a permanent

memorial for Winehouse. No plans have yet been agreed to.