Amy Winehouse’s north London home will be the headquarters for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, The Sun reported today.

??Although there were initial discussions amongst Winehouse’s family and friends about selling her ten-room Camden home, a source said her loved ones “…think it's too precious to give up.”??

"Having the offices in her old house is something they all thought made sense,” said the source.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation will aim to help those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse along with other problems “close to her heart,” said the singer’s father, Mitch Winehouse.

“We want to make a positive difference,” said Winehouse, who met with British officials just last week to discuss the charity.

Winehouse's family also revealed that a duet the star performed with Tony Bennett will be released this fall.

Amy Winehouse’s dad urges government to fund rehab charity

??The single, “Body and Soul,” will be released prior to Tony’s new CD, which comes out September 20.??"All the royalties will go to the foundation that Amy's father is starting to teach all the young children not to take drugs,” said Tony.?

Winehouse’s father said he “couldn't be happier that everyone involved with Amy and this recording felt they wanted to contribute.??“The fact that Amy's voice sounds as amazing and beautiful as ever and she is singing with the great Tony Bennett seems the most fitting tribute of all at this very difficult time,” he said.??

Mitch Winehouse, along with some of Amy’s management team, will continue to set forth plans for the new charity as its official mission statement is expected to come on September 14, the same day Amy would have turned 28 years old.