Hours before she died, Amy Winehouse told her doctor that she didn’t want to die.

The 27-year-old singer was “tipsy” when she saw her doctor on 23 July, the night before she was killed by a three-day drinking binge, an inquest heard.

GP Dr Christina Romete said the star had been drinking the evening before her death but that the singer had told her “she did not want to die. She was looking forward to the future”.

Winehouse was five times over the legal drink-drive limit when she died.

Her vital organs were all working, which suggests that the Back to Black star’s breathing was stopped by alcohol.

The singer had been dry for three weeks until she started drinking again in the week before her death.

Romete also said during Wednesday’s inquest that Winehouse had refused therapy to overcome her problem with alcohol.

But the GP wasn’t worried about Winehouse taking her life because the singer had been making plans for the future the night before she died.

Romete said Winehouse was talking about having a big party for her 28th birthday, which would have been in September.

She said: “I was not concerned that she was suicidal. She was looking forward to the future and we were discussing plans for her upcoming birthday party. She had previously said she did not want to die and said that night, ‘I have not achieved things I wanted to do.'”

A coroner ruled that Winehouse’s death was an “unintended consequence” of drinking to much alcohol.