Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam is planning to surrender to international authorities.

Reports suggest al-Islam along with intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi are ready to give themselves up as no country are willing to grant them asylum and the pair are desperate to avoid the same gruesome fate that befell former Libyan dictator Gaddafi.

Saif al-Islam is believed to have fled Sirte a week ago after his father and brother were killed.

He is believed to be near Libya’s southern border attempting to cross into Niger where other members of his family are sheltering.

Both men are wanted for war crimes for their role in the bloody crackdown of the February 17 revolution.

A spokesman for Libya’s National Transitional Council said: “They propose to hand themselves over to The Hague.”

“They feel that it is not safe for them to stay where they are or to go anywhere.”

But The Telegraph reported that the international court had no knowledge of any proposed deal or negotiations and diplomatic sources could not confirm whether the claims were true or not.