It is being reported that Amy Winehouse was visited by her doctor who gave her the all-clear 24 hours before she died.

The 27-year-old's body was discovered in the bedroom of her Camden home by her scurity guard at 4pm on Saturday.

Police sources said last night that no drugs had been found at the troubled singer's £2m house, though Winehouse's struggle with addiction was well publicised.

She was said to be having regular visits by her doctor to combat years of drink and drugs abuse.

 A source told The Sun: "The doctor was happy with her condition. When he left on Friday night he had no concerns. Less than 24 hours later she was found dead,"

"Amy's health has been very fragile and she has been having a series of check ups."

Winehouse last spoke to her security team at around 10am on Saturday, saying she was tired and was going to rest in her room.

It is believed rigor mortis had already set in by the time paramedics were called at around 4pm, indicating the singer may have been dead for several hours before being discovered.

Chris Goodman, her spokesman, told the Telegraph: "Amy was on her own at home apart from a security guard who we had appointed to help look after her over the past couple of years.

"She was in her bedroom after saying she wanted to sleep and when he went to wake her he found she wasn't breathing.

"He called the emergency services straight away. He was very shocked.

"At this stage no one knows how she died. She died alone in bed."

In less than 48 hours since her death was announced Winehouse's second album Back To Black re-enteed the album charts.

The 2006 record, which was produced by her friend Mark Ronson, made it to numbe 59 the officail charts company reported.

It also topped the iTunes chart in the UK, pushing Adele's 21 off the top spot.

Winehouse made her last public appearance on Wednesday, appearing on stage with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, 15, at a gig at The Roundhouse in Camden.

Fans continue to pay tribute to the five-time Grammy winner, leaving pictures, notes, cigarettes and cans of beer across the road from her home.