Amy Winehouse’s dad, Mitch gave the singer’s clothes away to fans outside her house following her death on Saturday.

The 60-year-old cab driver, and her film director boyfriend Reg Traviss, 35,  stunned crowds holding a vigil at the pop diva's home by emerging with clothes, jewellery and trinkets.

Showing great humility, he then began distributing the gear. Handing out some of her clothes in the street, he explained: "These are Amy's T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted – for her fans to have her clothes."

A sad fan, Londoner Brigitte Pividal, 52, was left clutching one of the Back To Black singer's red vests. She said: "I will cherish this for the rest of my life."

John Gallagher, 16 – whose dad got a pair of Amy's sunglasses – said of the T-shirts: "They were very small in size and skinny, like her figure."

Marcella Wright, 17, from Ireland, was handed a white vest top. She said: “It feels amazing to have been given this. She was an idol to me.”

Mitch went to the £2.5m house in Camden, North London, with Amy's mum Janis, 56, and her brother Alex for the grim task of sorting through her things.

Amy’s granddad is also thought to have been there as well as some of Amy’s staff, including manager Raye Cosbert, to clear some of her belongings including a guitar into a Mercedes.

One female friend sobbed as she carried a framed portrait of the Back to Black singer, who died aged 27 after a long battle with drink and drugs.

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A pair of her ballet shoes were in her dad's back pocket. He declared sadly before leaving in a taxi: " Please keep listening to her music. God bless Amy Winehouse."

Rabbi Frank Hellner said after conducting her funeral on Tuesday: “She was on a course of self-destruction. Although she was fighting at the end and thought she had prevailed, it had gone too far.

"She was a frail little girl. I think it was too much for her body and she succumbed."

Mitch and the rest of Amy's family later went to a synagogue to mark the final night of "sitting shiva" – the Jewish tradition for the first phase of mourning.

Marcella Wright, 17, keeping vigil outside the London home where Amy, 27, died: "She was my idol."

At a memorial gig in Greenwich, South-East London, on Wednesday, music producer Mark Ronson, 35, jokingly said Amy was “the sister I never wanted” and recalled her “f****** hating everything”.