What baffles me about London is how one place can have so much history – there are so many great and terrible things in the capital’s past. A lot of big cities have no memory, but with London you can feel it, especially when wandering round the South Bank, London Bridge and Greenwich.

London’s best-kept secret is the outskirts. People visit London and stay near the centre and the only open spaces they see are the Royal Parks. A lot of the parks nearer London’s edge are more natural and beautiful.

When I want to chill out I wander around Brent Lodge Park in W7, near where I was born. It’s one of those places that’s beautiful in summer and winter. The Wharncliffe Viaduct in Ealing – Queen Victoria used to halt her train when crossing it because she loved the view so much – is amazing.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met? I’ve a feeling I’m supposed to name-drop here. Sean [McGhee, producer/vocalist] told me he once met P. Diddy in London and he was interesting for all the wrong reasons.

My favourite place for a drink is The Fox pub in Hanwell by the canal. It’s a good job I don’t live any closer as I’d be in there all the time.

For when you’re hungover in London you can’t beat somewhere quiet, which is pretty difficult! I moved to W7 because it was so peaceful and green.

What gets me up in the morning? Music: it’s my obsession, my hobby and my career. I can’t begin to imagine life without music.

My perfect weekend would be in summer. I always look forward to the festivals, both as a performer and a punter. My favourite is the End Of The Road in Dorset. It’s a shame London doesn’t have any as good as that.

What was the last naughty thing you did? I’ve been on tour with Suede on and off for two years now, and touring brings out the worst in people. I have a Marx Brothers-like urge to destroy any pomposity in any situation, but I keep it bottled pretty well. One day I may crack, though.

Five words that sum up London … History, ambition, greed, poverty, tourism.
Debut album Become The One You Love is out now