Blake Fielder-Civil’s new girlfriend allowed him to spend one final night with his ex-wife Amy Winehouse, The Daily Star reports.

Sarah Aspin, 33, said she felt so sorry for “vulnerable” Winehouse that she bedded down on the sofa letting the two former love birds, whose marriage ended in 2009, share a bed.

“It was the hardest thing in the world I’ve ever had to do,” Aspin told the tabloid.

“I was basically putting the man I loved back in the arms of his talented and rich ex-girlfriend. But I couldn’t say no.”

“Blake and I were already deeply in love but he didn’t tell Amy that. He told me how vulnerable she was and didn’t want to risk hurting her feelings.

“Instead he told her I was a ‘friend in need’. I was so excited to meet her and yet aware she was really my love rival.”

“She was so lovely and polite and called me ‘pretty girl’.”

“I think she knew Blake and I were more than friends then. She wasn’t stupid.”

“But we just went along with things to make her stay as comfortable as possible.”

“Amy seemed so tiny and vulnerable. She looked so lost I just wanted to hug her. Though they slept in the same bed, Blake assured me they didn’t do anything. “

“The next day she left and I never saw her again.”

“He was really worried about her. He told me: ‘She cries too much.’

“Someone with so much talent should have had the world at her feet.”

“But she just seemed lost without Blake.”

Winehouse had apparently travelled from London to Sheffield to see her ex and used to spend hours on the phone to him.

“Looking back, maybe I acted a bit of a doormat but I understand the deep feelings they had for each other and I didn’t want to upset Blake or Amy.”

“One of the reasons Blake and I have stayed together is because I’ve been so understanding.”

Blake, 33, and Sarah met in rehab where they were recovering from heroin addiction.

They then moved in together in Sheffield and have a ten week old baby.

Fielder-Civil is currently serving 32 months for burglary and possessing an imitation firearm.

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