“Twenty-one years in prison is a pathetic punishment; I should either be acquitted or executed,” declared Anders Behring Breivik as the third day of his trial was brought to an en

Breivik told the court he dies not fear death and did not expect to make it through the day in which he admits he carried out the killings.

“I don’t wish for [death penalty] but I would have respected that decision,” the far-right extremist said. “If I had feared death I would not have dared to carry out this operation,

He claims the attacks were carried out on behalf of the “Knights Templar,” a militant anti-Muslim nationalist group – as he describes it in his 1500 page web book.

Prosecutors do not believe the group exists, but Breivik insists it is real, though it cannot be called “an organization in a conventional sense.”

He told the court that two Knights Templar cells are ready to launch attacks in Norway. But he gave no further comment, even after being pressed for details of the alleged founding session in London in 2002.

This could “lead to arrests,” he said.