“I don’t have it, I don’t have it,” Murray called out to girlfriend Kim Sears, after his US Open win yesterday.

The Scot looked rather panicked as his entourage scurried around looking for his timepiece.

He had already removed his shoes to give his sore feet a rest after a massive four-hour match.

Eventually a Rado D-Star Automatic Chronograph was produced to slide onto Murray’s wrist and the show could go on.

Three months ago, watchmakers Rado named Murray as a brand ambassador in a deal reportedly worth a seven-figure sum.

To be fair to Murray, his sponsors will be over the moon. If he hadn’t lost the watch, people would have barely noticed it – just another watch.

Now, the world is talking about the Rado D-Star Automatic Chronograph, worth £2500 – the watch of a champion.

Well done, Andy Murray.