One of four men trapped in a Welsh mine has been found dead, police have said.

The man, whose identity is not yet known, was found by rescuers overnight in a different section of the mine to the other three men.

Superintendant Phil Davies said at the scene: "A miner has been found. He is deceased.

"We are not in a current position to recover him from the mine and therefore we don't know the identity of that person.

"This is a dynamic, ongoing search and rescue operation and all emergency services are working hard to get all the miners out of there as soon as possible."

Three Welsh miners rescued from collapsed tunnel

Police say they are “hopeful” that they will find the other three, who have been trapped in a mine in Gleision Colliery near Cilybebyll in the Swansea Valley since yesterday morning.

They became trapped 300ft underground when thousands of gallons of water poured into a tunnel early yesterday morning when a wall collapsed.

Two of seven men in the tunnel managed to escape and a third was pulled out by rescuers and taken to hospital, where he is critically ill.

Emergency services say the other three miners could still be alive.

One worker at the mine said: “It will be hell in there.”