Angola was a Portuguese colony for more than 500 years. This has influenced Angolan cuisine with Portuguese spices and techniques used for marinating and roasting traditional Angolan foods like fresh fish and shellfish available along the entire Angolan coastline.

One of the most popular Angolan dishes and worth a try is the Angolan river fish, Kakusso, served with beans and cooked in palm oil.

Also try Calulu. It is dried fish or meat layered with fresh fish or fresh meat, onion, tomatoes, okra and sweet potato leaves.

Restaurants in Luanda will serve dishes from around the world, but their seafood and game dishes are the best.


Traditional Angolan beer is brewed from the African palm nut and often called Cuca Beer. Informal shops selling snacks, beer and wine are often referred to as Cuca shops. Maize beer and palm wine are also favourite alcoholic drinks.

Lagers and soft drinks can be found in most cities and towns, while restaurants in Luanda will serve some of the best wines from South Africa.


Tap water in Angola is not safe because it remains untreated in many regions. Rather be safe than sorry and only drink mineral water, which is available from shops. In an emergency, boil water before drinking.