Angola in 2-3 days

If its leisure, safety and good food you are after, fly into Luanda, stay in a hotel or resort, visit the Fortaleza de Sao Miguel and some of the churches and museums. The Fortaleza was built by the Portuguese in 1576. It offers great views of the city below as well as the entrance to the bay. You can also take a whole day out to go bargain hunting at he Benfica market to the south.

In 7-9 days

Make sure to see the Luanda sites before you head about 30 kilometres south to the Miradouro de Lua. It’s an impressive canyon that leads into the Atlantic Ocean. A boat trip on the Kwanza River is a most for bird watchers. If you can still spare some time, head further south to Paque Nacional da Kissama.

The park has been restocked with elephants and other wild life from Botswana and South Africa after the civil war through Operation Noah’s Ark. Book in advance to stay in the bungalows for a night or two.

If you are worried about getting there, you can hire both a car and driver from Luanda.