Better still, it is offering a 25% early-bird discount on three of its tours coinciding with Anzac Day 2015.

Travellers can choose from an eight-day tour of Western Turkey, a 21 day trip travelling from London to Istanbul or a 21 day trip returning from Istanbul to London, all of which incorporate visiting the Gallipoli peninsular for Anzac Day. 

Tickets to attend the centenary services on Anzac Cove were strictly limited – to just 8,000 Aussies and 2,00 Kiwis – and only available by a ballot system which is now closed

The Oasis trips will travel to Gallipoli before the anniversary on April 25 where the Turkish authorities are planning to broadcast the Dawn Service live on giant screens, which is perfect if you missed out on the ballot (the big screens are still to be confirmed). You’ll then have the opportunity to take a guided Battle Field tour of the Gallipoli peninsular which will include Anzac Cove and the various memorials, after the event.

You can learn more about each trip by clicking the links below:


Anzac Day:  Istanbul to Istanbul eight-day trip

Now costs £318 €159 local payment

Starts 23rd April 2015


Trans Europe and Turkish Highlights: London to Istanbul (including Turkey) 21 day trip

Now costs £1046 €365 local payment

Starts London 9th April 2015


Turkish Highlights & Trans Europe: Istanbul to London (including Turkey) 21 day trip

Now costs £1046 €365 local payment

Starts Istanbul 23rd April 2015


Bookings must be made by June 1. Visit or call 01963 363400.


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