According to a new Australian study good looking men are stastically likely to be earning twice the yearly wage of their less attractive fellows.

The results of the study conducted by economists Jeff Borland and Andrew Leigh show that “men with above average looks” take in an average annual salary of $81,750 compared with “below average” looking guys earning $49,600.

In more bad news for the Ugmo’s amongst us those in the “below average” column are also statistically less likely to be married to a woman on a high income herself, married to anybody or indeed be employed at all.

This thorough study has also gone a long way towards helping define what it means to be attractive or not, with a series of test subjects being shown various photographs which they rated as hot or not. Apparently the attractive characteristics were remarkably similar across the board.

Regardless of which cereal box these supposed “economists” got their degree’s from the test’s findings are surely an indictment of society’s fixation on the superficial and shallow.

Although by the same token if  – like Derek Zoolander – you’ve ever caught your own reflection in a spoon and thought ‘Hey, maybe I could do this for a living’ chances are you were probably right.