Marmite Vaseline has hit the shelves today… along with the new bacon inhaler, sound-proof tissues and ‘Gmail motion’. Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day and the country has gone mad with clever marketing ideas, ahem, prank and wind-ups products. Worried about missing one?

Here’s our April Fools’ Day 2011 round-up – Best April Fools’ day products.

Marmite Vaseline

Marmite Vaseline. Only for April Fools Day apparently.

This will cause some controversy among the Vegemite lovers out there, but Marmite Vaesline, despite being an April Fools’ fake, looks pretty tasty. The mind just boggles as to its uses.

Ikea’s Hundstool (dog highchair)

Dog highchair for April Fools Day 2011.

Ikea Australia has launched an April 1 dog highchair for your pampered canine “to accommodate the growing demand for furniture that reflects today’s modern family.”


The bacon inhaler

bacon inhaler for April 1

Finding it hard to stop eating meat? According to Firebox: “Tests show that people looking to conquer their meat addiction have longer-lasting results with the Bacon Inhaler.”

Gmail motion

Gmail Motion is an April Fools' prank.

On April 1, Gmail users were greeted with a notice on the Gmail homepage supposedly introducing “a new way to interact with Gmail – using your body!”

The new product users your computer’s webcam and Google’s “patented spatial tracking technology” to detect movements and translate them into meaningful characters and commands. Except it doesn’t exist. Bummer!


Kleenex soundproof tissues

April Fools tissues.

Find it embarrassing blowing your snout in public? Kleenex are
launching soundproof tissues containing a “micro-thin layer of noise
control foam, a commonly used soundproofing material. The foam will act
as a noise barrier, using its high sound absorption properties to
stifle the sound of nose-blowing.”

Playmobil Apple Store Playset

Apple Store Playest is an April Fools joke. Thank god.

Geek training for toddlers, the Apple Store Playset even complete with a slot where your iPhone 4 can become the huge screen in Steve Jobs’ Keynote Theater. “Introduces children to the magic of Apple,” says the blurb. Terrifying!