Well, everyone on their Twitter and Facebook accounts that is. While some would consider completing a Nek-Nomination, which involves downing a pint of petrol mixed with blended kittens, to be the ultimate lad behaviour, others would brand you a complete idiot.

And they would be right, of course.

So just where do you draw the line?

Lad Vs Food:

To help define some rules, Ladbrokes Casino did some research into lad culture, asking both sexes for their opinions. I’m sure we can all agree that as nice as it is that Adam Richman has lost some timber since leaving Man Vs Food, he was much more manly (and entertaining) when he was shovelling bucket loads of pulled pork down his gullet. 48% of respondents agreed that completing a food challenge was worthy of some lad points, with 13% stating the maximum five points should be granted. On the other end of the spectrum, blokes who order a glass of milk with their curry were deemed ‘not manly’, and 12% thought they should have a point taken from them.

Mr Vain:

With regards to vanity, there were some differing opinions between sexes as to what separates the men from the mice. The majority of male respondents said five points should be deducted for those using moisturiser, whereas women didn’t mind and added one point. The sharp increase in male grooming products over the last decade would suggest a bit of fibbing has gone on however. If the modern day lad thinks that he is going to bag the girl of his dreams by pulling a Joey Essex pout, and taking a selfie, he would be wrong. Nearly 60% of male and female respondents agreed that the male selfie is more fool than cool. If you’re still not convinced, just remember that Justin Bieber is known to be fond of the selfie.

Tear jerker?

On the subject of terrible music, 46% said that lads should not listen to pop music and 11% agreed a point should be deducted. The survey didn’t specify artists, but we suspect admitting to owning a Bieber song could get you penalised even further. Fans of rock, indie and alternative music are fine however, and can expect to earn up to two points extra for their moshing antics.

Lads who cry at the sad part of a film were considered to be something of a damp squib by 34% of those surveyed, however there were exceptions for certain films. Marley and Me and Bambi featured on the list, showing that it’s OK to cry, especially when cute animals are involved. Many women preferred their men to show some emotion, and over 9% would even add a point for blubbing. The Notebook and Love Story were also on the list, so there’s no need to go round pretending not to like these films after all, phew.

So where would you put yourself on the lad hierarchy? If you think you’re manlier than 10 x Ron Burgundys crossed with Bear Grylls, then you’re probably disillusioned – but who are we to say? To find out the truth, head on over to Ladbrokes Casino and take their Lad Points Quiz. We double dare you.