The blaze, which has burnt more than 10,000 hectares since Saturday (that’s about the same size as the Adelaide metropolitan area), is so dangerous that hundreds of firefighters carried out a 7km backburn to try and stop it reaching nearby towns.

On Tuesday it came within a few kilometres of Laura and Stone Hut and the SA County Fire Service says the fire is currently travelling in a northerly and easterly direction towards communities in the Wirrabara Forest, Wirrabara, Stone Hut and Laura.

“CFS advises that a bushfire at Bangor in the Southern Flinders Ranges near Curtis Road, King Tree Road, Charcoal Road, Lynch Road and Marner Road may threaten your safety. The fire is not controlled and is burning in Scrub and conditions are continually changing. The CFS is attending to this fire,” it says.

The Flinders Ranges are a popular backpacking destination and you can get updates on the fire from the CFS website.

Image via Thinkstock