Mother Analia Bouter said that when she and her husband went to the morgue at Perrando hospital 12 hours after the ‘stillbirth’, they found their daughter was alive.

Bouter was just six months pregnant when she gave birth prematurely. She claimed that medical staff told her the baby had been stillborn.

She told reporters: “That night I went with my husband to where the coffin was and he opened it up.

“Immediately I heard her cry”.

The couple have named the baby girl Luz Milagros, which means ‘miracle’.

Chaco province undersecretary for health Rafael Sabatinelli described the incident as”disgraceful” and promised an investigation.

He told the local media: “Every member of the team that was involved has some responsibility, so they will have to answer for this.”

The baby is reported to be in good health. Bouter has reportedly told Argentine paper that she is planning legal action.