Edith Casas, 22, denies that Victor Cingolani is her sister’s killer. 

Cingolani had a relationship with her sister, who was a fashion model. He was also convicted of Johana Casas’ murder and is currently serving 13 years in prison.

They plan to wed on Friday at the prison in Pico Truncado, Santa Cruz, in a bid to avoid media attention.

Cingolani labelled his relationship with Johana as “casual”, but that he was “in love” with Edith.

He said: “I loved Johana, but I love Edith. I have a beautiful bride and I am going to marry her, ” reports ABC.

Argentine newspaper Clarin quoted him as saying: “We have lots of thing in common and she isn’t jealous. We always talk about Johana, about how she was.”

Edith argued Cingolani was innocent.

She said he is “a guy who would not hurt a fly.”

Her mother, Marcelina del Carmen Orellana said it was clear that Edith was “psychologically ill”.

According to ABC, she said: “”We know this will be hard because she is an adult, but we will go to court to try to have her examined by a psychiatrist.”

Her father, Valentin Casas, said he did not want to see Edith again.

Johana Casas’ body was found with two bullet wounds in a field in August 2010.

The circumstances of her murder remain a mystery.

A second man, Marco Diaz, Johana’s boyfriend at the time of her murder, is charged with her murder and waiting trial.

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