The scandal has rocked not only Big Brother Brazil but the entire country. However, both Monique Amin and Daniel Echaniz deny that anything took place, despite a video being shared worldwide on YouTube.

The incident, which followed a party,  was televised on Brazil’s Globo TV and now shared on YouTube, showed Echaniz, a model, and Amin, a student, kissing and caressing and another image showed Echaniz under the sheets allegedly having sex with Amin who appears not to move.

Authorities are reportedly investigating because Amin appeared to be asleep and therfore may not have consented.

“Both of them did confirm they had consumed alcoholic drinks and that they were aware of their surroundings, and they confirmed touching each other under a comforter,” said policeman Antonio Nunes.

The show’s producers have also come under attack for not intervening. Echaniz was later voted off the show.

The footage has since been pulled from the Globo TV website and women’s rights group has begun a petition to have Globo TV “take responsibility” for the incident.”

For years, Brazilians have been glued to the country’s top reality show, a show that’s winner receives $US830,000 (£536,000).