The online platform, which was launched by Jamie Wood (son of Rolling Stones legend, Ronnie, and owner of London’s super successful Scream Gallery) is revolutionising the art world by offering people a chance to start their own art collection on an affordable budget – selling original prints from heavyweights such as Tracey Emin, Charming Baker, Pakpoom Silaphan, Lyle Owerko and Remi Rough.

Whether you’re an avid collector, an amateur print enthusiast or you’re just looking for a piece of art to hang in your home, the Scream Editions pop-up is the go to place to browse and buy affordable, exclusive and limited edition prints which are framed or unframed, and ready to take away.

When: Until April 18

Where: 20 Foubert’s Place, London, W1F 7PL

To receive 10% off your first purchase at the pop-up, head to ‘Join’ on the Scream Editions website or email