A toy talking puppy apparently let rip with a torrent of “fucks”, to the shock of an Oxfordshire mum who bought the fluffy mutt for her baby.

Leigh McPherson, of Banbury, picked up the My Pal Violet toy pup for £22 at Asda, expecting it to provide entertainment for four-month old baby Mia.

However, one of the musical ditties that sprouts from the doggy’s muzzle appears to invite wide-eyed kiddies who are “happy and you know it” to “fuck with me”.

A stunned McPherson told the Sun: “I couldn’t believe it. I played it back three or four times. There is no mistaking what Violet is saying.”

The manufacturer LeapFrog Toys defended that the dog sings with a Yank accent, and is actually saying, “bark”.

So, the mongrel’s bark might be bigger than its bite, listen below and tell us what you think.

Whatever the fluffy mongrel may be saying, the company has promised to send McPherson a non-swearing replacement.

A spokeswoman said: “To avoid future voice misinterpretations, a new recording is now on the shelves.”