Crowe was in his luxury Woollomooloo office when he claims he took the time-lapse photographs of a a moving, red light in the sky.

He subsequently published these photographs on his Twitter account, claiming that he had photographed a UFO.

“These are real!” Crowe writes in the introduction to the clip, which shows a series of flashes of red light, seemingly in mid-air.

Crowe claims he set up the camera on a section of his Wolloomooloo Wharf office overlooking the Botanical Gardens because he was trying to capture pictures of the myriad fruit bats that live in the trees there.

Crowe vehemently refuted claims by some users on his Twitter account that the moving lights he saw were from flashes from his own camera.

When asked by one user to “post the real photo”, Crowe responded in a heated manner. “That is the original photo’s you egg beater [sic].”

The clip has made it’s way to YouTube (see above) and has already drawn a predominantly skeptical response.

Despite the success of Crowe’s recent film Les Miserables, the New Zealand born actor has been complaining about the low key release of his newest film Broken City. Perhaps this UFO sighting is just a stunt to raise a little profile.

Obviously they’ve nailed down all the phones in his general vicinity.