Due to an overwhelming amount of pre-registrations, Totem Trance has decided to relocate Atlantis Sydney to the biggest indoor arena in Australia. 
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in this history defining event.

As thousands of Atlanteans make the yearly pilgrimage to join together, as one, for the love of trance music.  We use the dark night to submerge and engage in a journey deep into the sea, to the forgotten land. 

A place where passion, energy and euphoria lace the hidden walls, a place where an unspoken rule of equality resides, a place where negativity is crushed in the lightness of love.
This year Totem Trance will induct pioneering artists from all corners of the globe; including the world premiere of Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella.

“I’m excited to present the concept Gouryella in Australia next year March 2016.  Gouryella means heaven in Australian Indigenous language.  It is fate that we get to launch the Gouryella concept in the country where the name was born.  I’m excited to share this special concept with you,” said Ferry Corsten. 

The keys to the coliseum can only be detained for two evenings, intertwined with distinctive & unrivaled production will ensure a mind-blowing deep-sea experience.  

If you don’t want to miss out, get your tickets today.

Atlantis Event Details:

Friday 11 March – All Phones Arena, Sydney
Sunday 13 March – Hisense Arena, Melbourne

Tickets: www.totemonelove.com.au/atlantis