Australian troops and aircraft have helped evacuate Afghan civilians injured in a Taliban attack aimed at international forces, the Defence Department says.

The eight victims, including a two-year-old child, were airlifted for medical treatment on October 9 after their homes in southern Afghanistan were hit by rocket fire.

Defence says Taliban insurgents launched the attack in the early hours against international and Afghan soldiers near the villages of Sarsina and Ghawchak.

Instead, the missiles landed among villagers.

“Australian heavy-lift Chinook helicopters operating in the area were called to assist in the evacuation of the injured,” defence said in a statement.

“The helicopters evacuated the injured locals to the Dutch medical facility at Tarin Kowt.”

The victims were aged between two and 22.

Defence spokesman Brigadier Brian Dawson said the attack highlighted how little respect Taliban insurgents had for human life.

“Taliban insurgent attacks are completely indiscriminate and cause dreadful harm to Afghan families,” he said.

“Ultimately, the Afghan population and the Afghan government will hold the perpetrators of these attacks accountable for their continued acts of violence.”