Speaking to the Daily Mail, the plus-sized hottie explained her reasoning behind the snap.

“Yes, [the image] featured my naked body, but its true provocativeness lies in the message written across my stomach,” she said.

The original picture was posted with a caption expressing Ms Lawley’s dismay at the opening of Carmichael mine, which will be the largest coal mine in Australia. It will be seven times the size of Sydney harbour – and many environmental bodes have expressed their fears for the Great Barrier Reef.

In her open letter, she asks: “The media recently asked the question, ‘Is the decision a sellout that Australians will live to regret?’ And I can tell you that it is.”

“I understand that our modern society has literally been built on a foundation of ‘inexpensive’ fossil fuels…Nonetheless, if fossil fuels suddenly disappeared tomorrow the world would be in utter chaos.

“As a community, we need to take all of these aspects into consideration and rethink how we live today.”

Read her full letter here.

Image credit: Instagram/Robyn Lawley