Malik was in France for a music awards ceremony. Within hours of the expose, he legged it to Nottingham to patch things up with Edwards, who had a gig in the city. Though the couple’s spokespeople declined to comment on the status of their relationship, pics snapped by The Sun show them looking tense. 

Malik supposedly bedded Webb in North London home while Edwards was at rehearsal. Webb claims she thought Malik was single when she went home with him, and only came forward after realising she’d been lied to.

““He’s an absolute shit,” she told The Sun. “ How dare he — not only to me but to Perrie?” We’re sure Edward’s appreciates her concern.

One Direction fans have directed their wrath at Webb, and many have even issued death threats via Twitter.

“Courtney Webb… we will find you and kill you,” wrote one, while others promised to personally see to the deed themselves.