NT News reports Darragh Cullen submitted ‘Castle Darwin’ online to the Gumtree website for the princely sum of $50 a week last Friday.

The ad spruiks the box’s credentials: “Great protection from invading hordes, siege pack and supplies optional. Keep the dark knight at bay. Adjoining pool/moat. Very secure parking with new modern draw bridge, 5 miss from the city”.

Sounds great, right? Some people agreed.

“I’ve had four serious calls and people have been texting and emailing,” Mr Cullen told the paper.

“One guy I was explaining to him that it was just a joke but he didn’t speak English so I ended up telling him that the room’s already gone.”

It’s a cracking gag, but has shown up the drama of finding affordable accommodation in Darwin.

Image via Gumtree/Darragh Cullen