Pippa Middleton is on the market again after dumping her banker boyfriend Alex Loudon to travel the world.

Rumours abound that one of the key reasons Middleton ended the
relationship is because she is keen to travel.

The Sun quoted a source as
saying. “She is keen to spend some time living abroad – she’s a massive
fan of the South of France and hopes to work there and have a base there
a bit more permanently.”

“Alex is gutted about it, but he feels his life has been turned upside
down since the Royal Wedding. But he has high hopes that by September
she might have thought things over and realise that she might be better
off staying in London rather than running off all over the world.”

Sources told The Sun Middleton and Loudon will “stay good friends”.

A source close to Old Etonian Loudon said: “Pippa has become very high profile and it’s put a strain on things. They’re moving in different circles.”

Middleton has become a celebrity in her own right since the Royal Wedding when the 27 year old, or her bum at least, stole the show at the Royal Wedding in a figure hugging dress where she was bridesmaid to sister Kate.

But it’s probably too early to get excited about the possibility of Prince Harry hooking up with Kate’s younger sis.

Reports suggest that Middleton has been hanging out with ex-boyfriend George Percy.

Middleton and Percy, who stands to inherit his father’s £315million fortune, dated Pippa when they were flatmates at Edinburgh University.


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