1. George Bush ducks from a shoe

In 2008 George Bush had a show thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist.


Click to see David Cameron’s hoodie egging…

2. David Cameron egged by a hoodie

David Cameron was pelted with an egg by a ‘hoodie’ after speaking about election policies at Cornwall College, Saltash, in 2012. Not much hugging going on here.


Click to watch the infamous Murdoch v foam pie incident…

3. Rupert Murdoch splatted with foam pie

Who could forget the classic moment when Rupert Murdoch had a foam pie thrown in his face during a heading into the News Corp phone hacking scandal?


Click to watch a university egg-pelting…

4. An IMF egging

Last year, the International Monetary Fund’s senior representative to Turkey was pelted with eggs during a university lecture in Turkey.


Click for a classic egging video…

5. John Prescott punches his egger

An oldie but a goodie – in 2001 Labour’s Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, landed a punch on an egg-throwing protester.


Want to see Nick Griffin being egged?…

6. Egg for mercy Nick Griffin

And one for luck. BNP leader Nick Griffin gets an angry egging in 2009.